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Five years ago I was in a strategic planning meeting with serval of my board meetings. We were discussing how to position Global Hope India as a thought leader in India missions. Little did I know at the time the call of God on my life.

Here’s 5 things I’m learning about thought leaders:

1. Thought Leaders are leaders not organizations. If you want your business or organization to become a thought leader then you’ll need to step up and lead. Thought leaders are individual leaders. There is a reason we call them thought leaders and not thought organizations.

2. Thought leaders are branded. I’ve spent my whole life branding the organizations I’ve served. Until 2020 I never branded myself. Actually, it was awkward and intimidating to brand myself but out of respect and confidence for the message God was entrusting to me I began to brand myself.

3. Authors write books not organizations. As loyal as I am to Global Hope India and as much as I love the organizations I’ve been blessed to serve, God entrusts messages to authors not to organizations. While books can be a collaborative effort, every book is written by someone. You can’t publish a book without publishing an author. Both need to be well branded.

4. Thought Leaders publish books. Every thought leader I’m inspired by has published books. I appreciate YouTube videos but I quote and reference books. I don’t know one single thought leader that is bringing lasting transformation without writing books.

5. Books open doors. It’s like college degrees versus high school diplomas. Research proves college degrees open doors. The same is true about books. The discipline of organizing & publishing your thoughts get rewarded. It’s a price of becoming a thought leader.

There are so many other things I’m learning. 

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