From Unnatural to Supernatural

I’ve seen it so many times. God leads someone to do something unnatural and as they obey supernatural things occur!

God will not share His glory with anyone. In order for Him to get all the glory He will deliberately and intentionally lead us to do what’s unnatural. Allow me to give you a few examples:

I used to beg my mom to let me drop out of high school. I hated reading. I was a horrible student. When God called me into the ministry I entered college on academic probation because my English and grammar were so bad. I had to take a course in remedial English in order to come off academic probation. So who does God call to write and publish books? Me! It was so unnatural for me, but it has brought God’s supernatural power in and through me.

My co-worker, Justin, from India never drew or sketched before in his life. He kept sensing God had him in the USA for a reason and that God wanted him to generate income to support his family. All of a sudden he began to paint. Now he can’t stop! It’s totally supernatural. I’ve helped him with a few art shows and people constantly tell him how much they love his art! God took him from unnatural to supernatural.

I know a man named Steven who can’t sew but he owns a clothing business. He repurposes clothing and turns used clothes into fashion. It’s so unnatural, but God. He can’t get over the supernatural he witnesses.

I remember Carol Cymbal sharing how she couldn’t read music but God called her to direct the world renown Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. She was dumbfounded why God would call her to direct the choir! It forced her to cry out to God for his help and he always showed up. God took her from unnatural to supernatural. The choir experienced so many miracles under her leadership. God used this to proclaim – its not about us. It’s all about God.

God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called. He doesn’t do a talent search in order to find who he can use. God’s only search is for availability. When he finds someone available he will give them an unnatural assignment.

That’s God’s path to the supernatural.

We all want the supernatural but we resist the unnatural. We shouldn’t expect God to use what comes natural to us. Obviously he does use our natural abilities, but it’s the unnatural assignments that force us to rely on God’s supernatural power.

Have you ever allowed God to take you from unnatural to supernatural? If so, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, I encourage you to give God your availability and expect him to lead you to do something unnatural. Don’t run. Don’t hide. Rather, embrace the unnatural. When you do watch God take you from unnatural to supernatural.

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