Kick out the robber!

In John 10:10 (NLT) Jesus says, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

If you allow, the enemy of God, Satan – the devil, will rob you blind!

Recently, our family took a trip together to the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. I had arranged for a photographer to take family portraits in the gardens around the Biltmore House. It was Biltmore’s first day of Spring. The tulips were in full bloom. It was a beautiful day.

At one point we were sitting all together for a family portrait in the middle of the garden and the photographer said, “everyone say Brittany’s pregnant!” Shelly turned and looked at Brittany concerned this unexpected joke would be hurtful to her. Instead, both Zach and Brittany are glowing with big smiles. Everyone jumps up in joy. There was a mix of happy tears and cheers as we all celebrated the joyful news!

Fortunately, the photographer captured it all on film. It was a great experience. Zach had unknowingly prompted the photographer to be apart of announcing it to the family. Praise God! Our second grandchild is on the way.

The following week I could hear stress in Zach and Brittany’s voices as they discussed the uncertainty of their insurance providing maternity coverage and Brittany’s employer providing maternity leave.

I get it! Ive been there. As new parents the financial realities can certainly be unnerving. Having a baby changes your life and impacts your finances forever. With sincere compassion I encouraged them to not allow the enemy to turn this blessing from God into a burden.

It’s easy to do that! If we will allow, the enemy will absolutely turn God’s blessings into burdens.

It can be marriage, children, jobs, automobiles – you name it. One day we are praying for it. God blesses us and then the enemy tricks us to turn God’s blessings into burdens. Now the very thing we prayed for and thank God for is stressing us out. The test is whether we will continue to count our blessings or let the enemy rob us blind?

God has blessed Shelly and me with multiple investment properties. Next to replacing the roof, having to replace the AC can be one of the most expensive investments. Last week the AC stopped working in one of our investment properties. While I was still working to arrange repairs on that Shelly notified me that it was 78 degrees upstairs in our home with the AC running all day.

Two AC repairs on two homes can be a burden, but think about it: we have multiple homes! Wow, What an incredible blessing! — it’s all about perspective.

Do you allow the enemy to turn God’s blessings into burdens? He will EVERY TIME if you allow him.

Kick the robber out!

I knew the AC in the investment property was 14 years old and may possibly need to be replaced. That’s always a major investment. I also knew we had already replaced the AC unit in our home. All of our properties are under maintenance plans with our HVAC service provider.

I scheduled for AC repairmen to come service two properties on the same day. Now that can be stressful. The whole time I just kept thanking God for blessing us with multiple homes. Really, it’s a great and miraculous blessing.

One repair man replaced a part on the unit in our home which was covered under warranty. The second repairman found water built up in the tray which turned off the unit. He cleaned out the drainage pipe, drained the water, and said the 14 year old unit is still running strong.

The two repairs ended up costing very little money. Whether it cost little or much it will always be a blessing to have multiple homes from God!

The same for multiple grandchildren. Zach and Brittany’s baby will be our second grandchild. I refuse to allow the enemy to turn God’s blessings into a burden!

You should too. Please consider if there is any area or your life where you need to kick out the robber?

I write this on Good Friday 2022. Today, Shelly is having an MRI as she prepares for surgery next week to remove dead cancer cells. She has completed five weeks of radiation. Doctors are hopeful the surgery will cure her of the cancer.

On December 17, 2021 she was diagnosed with high grade Sarcoma cancer in the soft tissue of her back. On January 5, 2022 we were at Duke Hospital in Durham, NC talking with world renown cancer specialists.

The aggressive form of cancer required an aggressive treatment. Throughout the radiation Shelly continually said that if no one ever mentioned cancer she would never know it. We thank God for his care, guidance, and provision:

1. Duke is 25 minutes from our home.

2. Some of the world’s best are at Duke.

3. They knew Shelly’s cancer and how to treat it.

4. Our healthcare is covering nearly all of the expenses.

5. Shelly’s staff at Hope Community Church have been extremely supportive.

6. Kourtney & Charlie Cait went to most of Shelly’s radiation appointments with her so Shelly wouldn’t have to park. (It took longer to walk from the parking deck then the radiation procedure).

7. Shelly had very minor side effects from the radiation.

While surgery to remove cancer is considered radical there are so many more blessings than burdens to be found if we are willing to kick out the robber.

The enemy can’t kill us, but he can rob us blind if we allow him.

No cancer should ever overshadow the blessings of God received through Good Friday.

Mark 15 records Jesus’ death and burial. It was a cruel and agonizing event that changed our lives forever. Because of his death in our place our sins are forgiven and we are made right with God. Peace with God will always be an amazing blessing!

What are you willing to overshadow your life, forgiveness, or relationship with God? What can steal your joy? What can burden you?

Do not allow the enemy to turn the blessings of God into a burden. While cancer is a burden – no denying that – life is a blessing from God. Eternal life is an eternal blessing from God. Cancer is temporary. Eternal life is forever.

Kick out the robber! If anything is burdening you today, your breakthrough is refusing to allow the enemy to turn God’s blessings into burdens. Don’t do it. Open the door of your heart today and demand the enemy to leave. Kick him out! He doesn’t have to stay. He can’t stay in Jesus name. Stand your ground.

Is anything keeping you from seeing the good in Good Friday? Is anything blocking you from seeing the resurrection in Easter? Let the blessings of God stand in your life. Count your blessings.

Earlier I said that if we allow the enemy will rob us blind. This is true. Most of the time we are blind to the enemy’s schemes. He tricks us to be burdened by God’s blessings. It’s a trick!

God’s blessings are really blessings. God’s gifts don’t sour! All the enemy has to do is convince you to be more burdened than blessed and he’s won. Don’t be blind. Don’t be unaware. Don’t stand for it. Kick the robber to the curb.

Good Friday is good!

I leave you with James 4:7 (NLT), “So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

That’s good news, but YOU have to resist.

Kick out the robber.

Happy Resurrection Day!


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