MCML Podcast E16: Andrew’s Story – Taking a Leap of Faith

MCML Podcast E16: Andrew’s Story – Taking a Leap of Faith

Andrew Jarman grew up in a small rural town in eastern North Carolina. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering. He currently works in North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality where he regulates drinking water systems in the state and helps make sure that the water quality being sold to people falls in the federal and state requirements. As a child, his parents regularly took him to a small Baptist church where he got used to hearing about God and Jesus Christ. It was not until he was 9 years old that he got a better understanding of his faith and understood God’s message for the first time. This happened while he was at church listening to the pastor say, “no one’s good, no one can approach God, no one’s perfect”. He realized that he had to be honest with himself that he had fallen short. But it is Jesus who made the way for us. He is the way and we can’t be good enough to get into Heaven. And Jesus is the only way. This was how he came to know Christ at a young age.

Andrew admitted that he had a lot of growing to do with his relationship with God. And being on mission trips to India was a big part of that. He was a believer but there were things that he did not have control over. God opened Andrew’s eyes during his 4 years in college. He had career and relationship plans and had his whole life planned out. But he did not realize that God had plans for him too which were far better than Andrew’s plans. His first mission trip to India was his first trip out of the country.  He knew about India and its culture but never really thought about taking a trip there. When he was asked by his friend, Paul, if he would be willing to go to India, he felt God saying “yes”. He felt like that opportunity was one of God’s plans for him. So he just said yes and it was the scariest “yes” that he had ever given. It was a big leap of faith.

That first mission trip stuck with him and as soon as he left India he knew that he was going back. God got bigger and the urgency to go just increased. His call got clearer. The Holy Spirit prompted him with an urgency to return. And he went on to go on more trips where he also acted as a trip leader and saw God in the call to invite others to join. Being on missions gave Andrew a great opportunity to pray with people and share his testimony. He saw that God can use him just because he can give his heart and just go love the people in India with the heart that God has given him to love them with.

Andrew talked about how when he was in India, he came to realize the value of the ministry of encouragement. Of just holding another brother’s or sister’s hand in faith and praying for strength over them. That they will be bold and their needs will be met. God is great and can meet every need. So the call then is just to pray. If you can’t meet it yourself, you can lean on the Holy Spirit to meet any need. This is one of the ways where he sees that God is always working to save his people in India through His church.

The missions have changed not just Andrew and the people he had taken to India, but the people in India as well. God had called him to go and take a step of faith; to trust Him to provide what he promises. With the missions, he saw how God provided even more than he asked or imagined. As a result, God’s faithfulness has increased Andrew’s faith. If he hears the call from God to do it, he can trust Him to provide.

Meet Andrew! He lives in Raleigh, NC. He is originally from Snow Hill, NC. Andrew was a saxophone player in the Marching Band at NCSU. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from North Carolina State University (Go Pack!) in Raleigh, NC. He works for the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NC DEQ). He is an Engineer III who leads their Capacity Development Program. Generally what this means is that he help regulate all the public drinking water systems in NC, ensuring it is safe for people to use and consume. Andrew has attended The Summit Church for 11 years, currently at the Apex Campus. He is a small group leader and serves in the kids ministry where he gets to share about Jesus with preschoolers on Sundays. He has been to India four times, but has never been to New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Andrew has ran a mile in under 6 minutes! Listen in and see how God used missions to change Andrew’s life!


Global Hope India: For over 20 years we have been watching God radically transform thousands of Americans & Indian Nationals through missions. We’ve taken nearly 1,000 Americans on short-term mission trips to India. We work with 12 long-term indigenous church planting partners located in North, South, East, & West mainland India as well as Northeast India. We empower the Church in India to make Christ known through leadership, child, & village development projects. Global Hope India is a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Morrisville, North Carolina. All gifts are tax-deductible. More about GHI.

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Meet Pastor Kevin: Pastor Kevin is Founder and Executive Director of Global Hope India and your host for Missions Changed My Life Podcast. He’s a poor kid from rural North Carolina, but get this… He just returned from his 50th trip to India in 20 years. If he doesn’t yet hold the Guinness Book of World Records for the most trips to India then he’s got to be close. He’s flown over a million miles to 27 different countries. He’s taken nearly 1,000 people on mission trips to India. Global Hope India has seen thousands of Indian Nationals and Americans radically transformed by God through missions. The miracle continues! More about Pastor Kevin.

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