Permission to Prosper by Ray Edwards

Ray Edwards is officially one of my new heroes! He gets it. It’s been a long time since a book impacted me the way Permission to Prosper by Ray Edwards has!

I read the book over two Saturdays. I didn’t want to put it down. About 60% of the way through I remember thinking and praying for specific steps by the end of the book I knew exactly what to do next.

Once I published Audacious Generosity I began to see how difficult it was going to be for most people to open their minds and heart to receive this message from God. I had no doubt God had given a powerful and transformational message. Those who have read it have all seen that. The challenge is getting people to actually read it.

Before I wrote I feared the message being rejected by those who read it. It was shocking to me how the message would be silently rejected by people who have been given opportunity to read it but still don’t know it’s value because they are yet to read it. By God’s grace this builds my confidence even more. Since it’s technically not my book I know not to take it personal. It took me decades to grasp God’s opportunity of audacious generosity.

It is a gift of God to be in good company with Ray Edwards. He’s a successful businessman and writes from that perspective. I’m a pastor and write from that perspective but God had shown us the same things. I’m incredibility blessed that Audacious Generosity is a close first cousin to Permission to Prosper by Ray Edwards. I highly recommend both to you!


About Kevin White

Kevin White is a Christian pastor, international speaker, and an international best-selling author. As a writer, Kevin’s newest book, Audacious Generosity, is a best new Christian Book of 2020. Audacious Generosity was an instant international best seller in India and the United States of America. Audacious Generosity is the New Book to Read in 2021. Look for it among Christianity books on Amazon and everywhere books are sold. Kevin’s why for life is to extend access to Jesus to all people world-wide. Kevin loves to motivate people how to encounter the presence of God in their everyday life.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Kevin has started and helped start hundreds of businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations. Kevin is an expert in church leadership and business development. Kevin’s shepherd’s heart can be seen in his speaking and writing. He integrates Biblical principles and worship into everything he does. Kevin’s strategy is to help people transform into the likeness of Jesus. Find more from Kevin White including his blog, podcast shows, YouTube Channel, and Generously Blessed 1MM One Minute Motivational Series at

About Global Hope India

Kevin White is the Founder/Executive Director of Global Hope India, a Christian mission organization focused on sharing the gospel in India and among Indian Nationals world-wide. We facilitate virtual mission teams to India and short-term mission teams in-person in India. These teams empower the church in India with pastoral training, youth pastor training, children’s ministry, church planting strategy, church planting ministry, and medical missions.

Global Hope India is a Christian charity that raises funds for India. 92% of every dollar given benefits gospel outreach projects in India such as church planting, orphan care, clean water projects, bibles, medical clinics, etc. Our partners in India serve the Baptist mission in India, Church of God in India as well as independent Christian churches. We do one thing – advance the gospel in India. We do it in one way – through the local church in India. Join us today by praying for India, giving to God’s work in India and going virtually or in person to make disciples in India. Find out more information at

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