Surrender Your Backup Plan

I’ve had a bad habit!

Writing Get to The Point was like a college course on pursuing God’s presence and His ways.

One thing God taught me is that His guidance is the GREAT that rises above a sea of GOOD. As a serial entrepreneur I have no shortage of good ideas I can think of doing. We all have many good things we can do, but there’s a difference between good and great.

In his book Good to Great, author Jim Collins says there’s a fine line between good and great. He says success is found in surrendering the good in order to focus on the great. It’s about winning over the distractions. There is an endless supply of good things we can do but it’s the great things that bring success.

While writing Get to The Point God took it a step further. He said, “My guidance is the great.” Every guidance and provision we will ever need can be found today in the presence of God. His guidance is the great that rises above the good!

Then God took it a step further. He said, “surrender your backup plan”. God confronted me that I was adding my GOOD to His GREAT. He was right. My whole life I’ve been guilty of adding my GOOD to God’s GREAT. God would guide me. I could identify God’s guidance. I’d receive it. I’d seek to follow it. But then I’d add in a few more steps.


God would guide me to wait on him for something but I’d start researching and planning in case what I was waiting on didn’t come through. Is research wrong? No. It is sinful? Could be. If God has said “wait” then wait means wait. It doesn’t mean start researching. Is planning wrong? No. Is it sinful? Could be. Wait means wait. It doesn’t mean to start planning.

I could give a lot more examples!

God says start a lawn mowing business and I add in pool service and tree removal too. Is a pool service wrong? No, but it is if it is outside God’s guidance. It seems so logical to me. I’ll already be mowing lawns so why not offer to clean pools and remove trees too? Surely it is ok to add in more services. It could provide more profits which can do more for the kingdom of God. This would be good – right?

The problem is that it is my backup plan. If mowing grass isn’t successful then maybe the pool service or tree removal will be successful. I’m adding my own backup plan to God’s guidance. This is a bad habit. This is the difference between good and great.

God’s guidance is great. It doesn’t need to be watered down with what I think are good ideas. God’s great will always be great and will always result in success. What I think are good ideas could quickly become bad ideas and result in failure. I can’t guarantee my good ideas. God always guarantees His great guidance.

God is great and doesn’t need us to add to his greatness. Our opportunity is to follow his great guidance.

While writing Get to The Point, God prompted me to surrender my backup plan. I did. Like the examples above I had sensed God’s guidance to do one thing but I had added in 2 more things that seemed like good ideas. I heard God’s guidance and surrenders my backup plan. I dropped my 2 ideas. I sought to follow God’s great guidance.

All to Jesus I surrender. All to Him I freely give.

I want God’s greatness. Great and mighty is to Lord our God.

Surrender your backup plan.

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